Lavu POS for restaurants and bars

Lavu Point of Sale is the world’s leading mobile POS for restaurants and bars

Receive a free iPad when you enroll in our POS system and processing!*

Lavu Point of Sale for restaurants and barsLavu Features:
Front of House

  • Integrated Credit Card Processing: Tableside payments system
  • Tab Preauthorizations: Customers pay for their drinks at the start of the night, preventing forgotten cards
  • Check Splitting: Split even the most complicated of checks
  • Gratuity Suggestions: Select automatic gratuity suggestions to speed up the payment process
  • Happy Hour Feature: Set automatic percentage or dollar discounts during certain times
  • Restaurant Layout Customization: Keep track of open tables, open orders, and payment status
  • Go Green: Reduce your waste by emailing receipts
  • Customer Database: Look up customers by name, email address, or phone number
  • Ease of Use: Training to use LAVU takes just 20 minutes. If you know how to use an iPad, you already know how to use LAVU

Back of House

  • Kitchen Display System: Send orders to the kitchen with the press of a button. Tickets appear in the kitchen on a large-screen monitor

LAVU On The Go

  • Online Ordering: Customers can place online orders using Lavu ToGo
  • LAVU Delivery: GPS-based delivery system ensures order will arrive at customers’ doorstep ASAP
  • Lavu Pilot App: Use the app to see how business is going no matter where you are

Control Panel

  • Date Storage: Cloud-based, endless storage with no risk of data loss
  • Offline Mode: If your Internet goes down you can continue taking orders using the offline mode
  • Access Levels: Set restrictions on who can perform which functions, like refunds or discounts
  • Multiple Location Reporting: Check detailed reports on everything from labor to sales to activity
  • Shift Scheduling: Managers can schedule shifts, and staff can trade shifts, clock in, and clock out
  • Real Time Inventory: Keep track of inventory levels and find out when you’re running low on

Lavu Reports Screenshot
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